Why are there puffins in tribefii?

Why are there puffins in tribefii?

It started with a boy who was lost on an adventure. He landed on an island that was filled with puffins, and one particular puffin stuck with him. 

The puffin became his constant companion and friend through his adventure, and made life bearable until he was found.

Puffins are some of the most amazing and cutest birds on this planet, with interesting personalities to match.

And now in your adventure, there's going to be a puffin called Pippin who will be your guide and companion as you build your tribes.

It only makes sense.

Puffin Adventures

Puffins are Full of Personality and Live In Tribes

Puffins are highly social birds.  They often gather on rocks and tussocks to check each other out. 

They enjoy each other's company and are very curious. They will expose themselves to intruders instead of remaining inside their burrows. And yes, they live in burrows.

They communicate with each other using movements in their eyes, heads and bodies.

They raise their wings and heads with one foot forward when they land on rocks. They are welcomed by others who stomp their feet, or squak a scolding if they land too close.

Puffins are Adventurers

And adventurers eventually come home.

Puffins come home to the same place or nesting site year after year even though they may have gone hundreds of kilometers away to sea.

They rove across the entire Atlantic after they breed but where they go remains a mystery.

Puffins are Faithful

Puffins mature late, like other sea birds, they have low birth rates, are very attentive parents and live for about 15 years.

Puffins are monogamous and mate for life at about five years of age.

Puffins lay their eggs in burrows on glassy slopes near the sea. Sometimes their nests are set up under the rocks at the foot of coastal cliffs.

A single chick is raised each year. The pufflings stay with their parents until they are about six months old.

Where do you find Puffins?

The Atlantic Puffin only come ashore during spring and summer when they breed. They can be found in nestin sites in coastal areas of eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, The Faeroe Islands and islands off of Great Britain and Ireland.

Puffins favour remote islands raveaged by cold winds with few human inhabitants.

Tribe Building

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