Just a bunch of dreamers on a massive adventure and having a lot of fun


We are a bunch of dreamers.

We decided that life was going to be about people and having lots of fun, doing what we want to do, when we want to do it, wherever we want to do it.

And we wanted to live life on our terms, on this grand adventure called life.

So we join a long lineage of other adventurers, whom some refer to as the "crazy ones", the square pegs in the round holes.

Not because it's easier, but hey we only live once and if we aren't crazy now, then when?

And one lifetime really isn't long enough.

We've faced massive challenges.

We've made unbelievably expensive mistakes.

We've fallen over many times.

Human beings are designed to learn by making mistakes.

So we've picked ourselves up each time, and we've gotten better.

We believe in elevating the human race, the tough times and hard knocks we've endured must mean that someone else will not need to.

"Your signficance may forever remain obscure to you, but if you commit yourself to converting your experience to the highest advantage of others, you can truly assume that you are fulfilling your life's true purpose."

And we've learnt a few new moves in the process.

Mastery is a function of practice, and how quickly you can correct, without invalidating yourself or others...

And we believe that you too have gone through your challenges and overcome your obstacles in your own journey.

You have precious gifts of experience and value that you can bring to the human race.

You are not alone.

We built tribefii (pronounced tri-ber-fy) to make all this easier.  For you the dreamers who believe and the people who will change the world.

That we will bring these adventures to a higher level, scale greater heights - with everything that we need to build our tribes and to inspire the world.

Our adventures forward, and we will continue to add to the richness of this tribe-building platform we call tribefii, because everyone deserves to get to their dreams.

Journey on!

Catch 'ya later.

Chief Pippin


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